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This section of our WEBSITE includes data and articles about our company.
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PRO VIDEO & FILM EQUIPMENT COMPANY specializes in the marketing of quality pre-owned video, film and related production equipment.

Unlike other companies that merely broker used equipment, PRO VIDEO & FILM has made the commitment and invested in the facilities to showcase the equipment we offer. We feel that both buyer and seller should have confidence in our organization, our professionalism, our publications, and our organized methods of handling, marketing and standing behind our equipment.

We are a corporation and do business in a large, modern facility with 3 showrooms, 2 service shops, administrative offices, 2 shipping docks, and a warehouse full of top quality used production gear. We also service what we sell.

Where Are We?

PRO VIDEO & FILM EQUIPMENT CO. is located in Dallas, Texas, home to a significant amount of video and motion picture production and the crossroads of the Southwest. Our central location makes shipment anywhere in the world fast and simple. Our offices are located approximately 15 minutes away from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and also from Dallas Love Field Airport.

For those of you in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex we are approximately 9/10 of a mile west of the intersection of Stemmons Expressway and Royal Lane and 1/2 block north of Royal Lane. Our address is 11425 Mathis Avenue, Dallas, TX 75234. Call us at: 972 869 9990.

Where does our equipment come from?

We buy equipment outright, we take trade-ins, accept off-lease equipment, we liquidate surplus but pristine inventory for manufacturers, financial institutions and other dealers. We accept a significant amount of equipment on a consignment basis from private, institutional, and corporate owners.

How are we different from "equipment brokers"?

We feel it is very important for us to physically have equipment in our facility so that we may represent it accurately to a prospective buyer and offer it for check-out in our fully equipped shop. We are able to answer questions regarding capabilities, cosmetic appearance and operational status when the equipment sits before us. We can normally ship immediately and, because we stock this equipment in our showroom, we don't have to chase a busy producer around the country trying to find out if his Betacam or Arriflex is still for sale.

Who is running the store?

Bill Reiter, President and founder of PRO VIDEO & FILM EQUIPMENT COMPANY, has been a working cameramen since 1968. He is well known in the production equipment industry, having worked with prominent video & film equipment companies such as Image Devices and Victor Duncan, Inc. Bill taught filmmaking at The City University of New York, is former VP of Image Devices, Inc., and is a member of the Society of Operating Cameramen. He has over 37 years experience in the used equipment industry, treating customers fairly and selling equipment based upon a working knowledge of that equipment.

Bill and PRO VIDEO & FILM EQUIPMENT CO. have a reputation that is well respected throughout this industry. Compare this level of experience and reputation with the competition. It will be very difficult to find anyone else to match our expertise.

Our Philosophy:

Ever since we started Pro Video & Film it has been our goal to be the best at what we do. Toward this end we strive to FOCUS on used video and film production equipment. We try not to get sidetracked because we think it weakens us and disperses our energies.

We have seen the many companies out there that sell new equipment, rent everything from cameras to trucks to crew, build gadgets and widgets, attend every trade show possible, attempt to build new systems and studios, and get off on almost every tangent they can.

Our feeling is that we want to give you the best used equipment service possible. This is not simply a PR effort, it's a matter of personal pride. In our many years in this industry, we know the pitfalls of spreading oneself too thin. So you have our commitment that we will continue to specialize in used equipment. We will continue to dedicate our efforts in this one direction and hope you appreciate how we try to keep things IN FOCUS.


Terms of Sale:
Net cash with order. Institutional or corporate purchase orders may be accepted subject to our approval

Certified US funds are required for immediate shipment. A cashier's check, certified check, traveler's check, wire transfer, credit card, cash, letter of credit, or other negotiable instrument will qualify.

MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express are usually accepted on premises.

Company and personal checks are subject to routine bank clearance of from 3 to 12 days depending upon their origin.

Texas State Sales Tax at the current rate for Dallas is due on all purchases delivered within the state of Texas unless a signed Certificate of Resale or an Exemption Certificate is provided to us at the time of the transaction. We cannot be liable for any taxes owed by owner or consignor on equipment consigned to us.

All used equipment is subject to prior sale. A deposit will hold equipment for a reasonable period pending final payment arrangements.

All used equipment is sold on an approval basis. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase.

The purchaser is given a nominal period of time after delivery to evaluate the items purchased. If the items are found to perform properly and meet professional standards within the approval period, then the sale becomes final.

USED EQUIPMENT: Equipment may or may not carry a warranty. If a specific written warranty is not spelled out on our paperwork, equipment is offered "AS IS, WHERE IS." Several warranty options are available. In the event warranty adjustments are necessary, all items are FOB our dock.

General Information:
There is no minimum order for any used equipment in our inventory, except in the case of promotional specials, where quantity purchase is a part of the promotion.

Unless negotiated otherwise, all equipment is sold FOB shipping point.

We cannot be responsible for typographical or specification errors, although we make every effort to avoid printed errors.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

CALL US TOLL FREE: 888 869 9998   FAX: 972 869 0145



But we also realize that a warranty is a complicated concept, especially in the used equipment market. Some warranties may not be what they seem.

Our warranties are very specific.

Depending on the type of equipment and its condition and price, we can offer three different and very attractive warranties.

48-72 Hour Approval Warranty...

All used equipment sold by Pro Video & Film Equipment Co., Inc. carries this 48-72 hour approval warranty. You may return any used equipment within 48-72 hours [time length of approval is decided at time of purchase] from original delivery and when equipment arrives back to us in same condition as when shipped to you; we will refund your purchase price. Freight, handling and shipping insurance are not refundable.

10 Day Conditional Warranty...

All used equipment sold is warranteed to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 10 days from date of delivery to buyer. If a manufacturing defect should present itself during this period, Pro Video & Film Equipment Co., Inc. will, at its option, repair the defect, replace the equipment or refund the purchase price on that defective item. This warranty does not cover defects or problems caused by damage, misuse, improper transport, moisture or neglect. Recording heads, lens surfaces and batteries are not covered. Shipping, handling and shipping insurance expenses are to be paid by buyer.

45 Day Defect Warranty...

Some of our select and higher end production equipment is sold with a 45 day limited defective component protection warranty. This warranty covers the cost of ANY covered defective component in a purchased package for a period of 45 days from date of purchase. Only the components are covered under this warranty. This warranty does not cover defects or problems caused by damage, misuse, improper transport, moisture or neglect. Recording heads, lens surfaces, lamps, technical alignment and batteries are not covered. Shipping, handling and shipping insurance and shop labor expenses are to be paid by buyer.

Please inquire about these different warranties the next time you call us. We will be happy to explain how it all works.


  • 1. 1,000's of items in stock.
  • 2. We have a real facility.
  • 3. Over 37 years experience.
  • 4. Tech service available.
  • 5. Positive energy only.
  • 6. We are not brokers.
  • 7. No salesmen commissions.
  • 8. Toll free HOTLINE.
  • 9. Import / Export / Leasing.
  • 10. Pristine gear. Fair prices.
  • 11. We are not in the production business and DON'T compete with YOU!
  • 12. MONEY BACK guarantee.
  • 13.Video,Film,Lights,Audio !
  • 14.Cash Discounts
  • 15.Price matching policy
  • 16.Bartering available
  • 17.Check and double check Q.C.
  • 18.Over 4,000 items in stock .
  • 19. No auction junk .
  • 20. No stolen gear ever !

CALL US TOLL FREE: 888 869 9998   FAX: 972 869 0145


What is consignment?

Consignment is the delivery of equipment to an agent such as Pro Video & Film Equipment Co. for purposes of sale. In return for storage, protection, make-ready, advertising, demonstrating and marketing, the agent receives a commission.

How Does Consignment Differ From Brokering?

Brokering does not involve the physical relocation of equipment. In a typical brokering arrangement, you, as the equipment owner, would have to hassle with potential demonstrations, deal with "tire kickers", funds clearance, packing, shipping, insuring and potential return in the event the equipment is not satisfactory to the buyer (for whatever reason).

Consignment Sounds Great.  What Happens Next?

1. Normally we discuss general market value ranges for your specific equipment by telephone or in person prior to shipment. However, values are difficult to set without a complete technical evaluation in our shop.

2. You ship the equipment prepaid, carefully packaged and insured. This is usually done via UPS, FEDEX or deferred air freight. We have special arrangements with van lines and air forwarders for equipment which is not easily packed such as complete edit suites, dollies, etc. The cost, while a bit higher than normal freight, is surprisingly nominal and crating charges are avoided. We also have 'loaner' shipping containers available to help you avoid the cost of crating.

3. Upon receipt of your equipment at our facility, it goes through our check-in department where general condition is noted and where it is tested for proper operation.

4. We then send you our consignment contract with all the terms and conditions spelled out, as well as the description of your equipment and dollar amounts discussed above. Over 95% of all consigned equipment is ultimately sold.

5. Upon receipt of your signed contract, we then prepare and market your equipment via our showroom, our national advertising, email programs, fax alerts, our IN FOCUS newsletter, and now, the INTERNET.


Many of our consignment clients have expressed interest in 'bartering' their consigned equipment for other items not necessarily related to video or film production.

We have begun a Pro Barter Data Base for this bartered merchandise and are pleased to assist our clients in putting some of these deals together.

We are limiting the types of items we will accept for barter, so feel free to call and talk to us about it.

The mechanics are simple. You advise us, via fax or email, about the items you have available for barter AND of the production equipment you seek. We search our Pro Barter Data Base for consignors / owners of production equipment that have a need for the bartered items you have available. The list of barter needs is growing every day.

If we can put a deal together, then we take your barter item and ship you the agreed upon production equipment item.

All fees are paid for by the owner of the production equipment. The non production barters are handled at no charge, as a courtesy. We do not cover shipping, packing and insurance costs in transit and taxes that MAY be due are the responsibility of the buyer.

So, if you have some desirable non production items for barter or trade, please let us know. The end result will be a benefit to all concerned.

CALL US TOLL FREE: 888 869 9998   FAX: 972 869 0145


All of the equipment we sell is available for lease.

We will be happy to explain how leasing can benefit you and how it can sometimes be a more efficient way to buy than with cash.

As an example, if you were purchasing a $30,000.00 Betacam package, and were qualified and approved for a 36 month lease, your monthly payments would be approximately $983.00. Rates will vary based on many factors, but this will give you an example of a typical lease rate.

We can provide fast estimates on monthly rates over the phone, and final approval takes almost no time at all.

Consider These Six
Leasing Advantages:
  • 1. 100% financing.
  • 2. Keeps cash flow free.
  • 3. Longer terms.
  • 4. Tax incentives.
  • 5. Off balance sheet financing.
  • 6. FAST approval.

Call us TODAY
And have your equipment TOMORROW!


As the premiere used equipment DEALER in the USA., we have never been brokers and feel that our clients need to be aware of the DEALER / broker differences. It's important to look at what we can do for a customer that an equipment broker simply cannot.

A. Pro Video & Film, by it's very nature, screens and tests all equipment before a buyer ever sees it. If we find a problem, that equipment will not be offered for sale. Everything we ship to a buyer has been double checked for performance in our shop.

B. We will never put a buyer and seller together to "fight it out" regarding price, condition, satisfaction or problems.

C. When you buy used equipment from us, you are dealing with us and not some unreasonable owner who has your money and strongly disagrees with your opinion on his equipment.

D. All used equipment sold through PV&F comes with a money back approval warranty as well as one of several defect warranties.

E. Pro Video & Film Equipment Company, Inc. operates as a legal corporation in the state of Texas. We maintain full liability insurance and have a full time staff to assist our customers.

F. We maintain a full facility with 2 service shops, an accounting department, three showrooms, warehouse, shipping department and two loading docks. We are ready and able to handle your business.

G. We take full responsibility for all levels of an equipment sale including making sure the equipment we are selling has not been stolen.

H. We stand behind everything we sell.

CALL US TOLL FREE: 888 869 9998   FAX: 972 869 0145


Another advantage of dealing with Pro Video & Film Equipment Company, is our large inventory. It is usually easy for us to put an equipment package together exactly the way you want it.

We can often substitute lenses, swap out cases, add extra cables or simply 'turn key' your entire system... from cameras to recorders to tripods to editors and lights. We've got it all in stock and can tailor a package to suit your needs.

Let us build an equipment package for you!

Nightmare Equipment Brokerage, Inc....

When we started Pro Video & Film Equipment Company we could have formatted the company in any one of a number of ways. We could have sold brand new equipment. We could have been equipment brokers. We could have sold scrap iron.

Instead we chose to create a used equipment dealership because that is what excited us, and because we felt uneasy with some of the other choices available to us.

We were especially uncomfortable with the low overhead equipment brokerage angle. Having been active in the professional film and video equipment business for over 31 years, we saw too many equipment brokerage nightmares in action!

Clients continue to tell us how they've had to return equipment purchased through some brokers that was misrepresented as being in pristine condition, but turned out to be junk. Many brokers never actually see, or know the true condition of, the equipment they are trying to sell you.

In this industry, more than any other, you should not have to buy anything from someone who does not know what they're selling! There have been just too many instances of a guy (or gal), a phone and a home computer creating havoc in the marketplace. It seems that anyone can take this approach and appear to be in the professional used equipment business.

But that approach wasn't good enough for us. We wanted to offer video and film professionals a real dealership, in a real facility, run by professionals, with showrooms open to the public 5 days a week, with a full time staff, that specializes in used equipment.

We feel we have accomplished this goal. To our knowledge there are just a few real used equipment dealerships in the world and we are proud to be right up there at the top of that list.


We are not aware of any used equipment dealership in this country that maintains the type of showroom display that we do.

It has been said that we have the most dynamic selection of used equipment in the world.

Everyday, our showrooms are overflowing with an abundant selection of: video, film, audio, grip, lighting, tripods, animation, optics, batteries, editing, test, underwater and projection equipment.

All of this equipment is here for you to look at and evaluate on our premises or for us to ship out immediately for your inspection.

The next time you are passing through Dallas, please stop by for a grand tour of the premier showcase of used equipment at Pro Video & Film Equipment Company.


Bill Reiter, President and founder of PRO VIDEO & FILM EQUIPMENT COMPANY, has been in this industry for over 37 years and in the same business complex on Mathis Avenue in Dallas for over 14 years.

We are trusted and have a reputation that is well respected throughout the industry.

Compare this level of experience and reputation with the competition.

It will be very difficult to find anyone else to match the expertise of Pro Video & Film Equipment Company.

CALL US TOLL FREE: 888 869 9998   FAX: 972 869 0145


We know the the competition is sometimes fierce.

We know that the prices you are finding out there will sometimes vary greatly.

In an effort to help stabilize the market, we have instituted a new price matching policy. It works this way:

We will do our best to match anyone else's price on an identical piece of equipment. So, for example, if you are wanting to buy a Sony BVW-35 recorder and you have located a unit for $6995.00; we will do our best to match that price as long as the units are very similar in age, condition, origin and accessory complement.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee this price matching effort in all cases, but we want you to know that we will do our best to meet a competitive price for the same equipment.


Each year we donate a portion of our profits to worthy causes. This year The Animal Medical Center's SAVE Program, will receive our attention. The SAVE Program offers veterinary medical care to pets of needy senior citizens. We are happy to help enable the good work done by these groups.


En Años pasados hemos ayudado a clientes de muchos paises de habla hispana. Podiamos destacarnos pero en español muy "pobre", pero ahora si tenemos la fluidez. Hemos aumentado nuestro personal para incluir personas que hablan español.

Asì es que si tienen preguntas o problemas, ò si necesitan una cotizaciòn o consejo o si tienen equipo para la venta, pueden sentirse confiados en preguntar en español. Si prefieren pueden enviarnos un "FAX" a nuestra "Linea Caliente" o enviarnos un mensaje atravez de "E-Mail", providfilm@aol.com 24 horas al dia y le contestaremos sea por telephono, fax o E-Mail en español.

De Mexico a Bolivia, a Chile o Venezuela; a Puerto Rico o a Peru; a Colombia o Espana, PRO VIDEO & FILM EQUIPMENT COMPANY habla su idioma. Ya hablaremos!

Send us e-mail..

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