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This section of our website will be a place that you, our customer can communicate with us with your questions, comments or just a quick note to say hi!

We have included excerpts from letters sent in by clients.

We are proud of our reputation and want to share this information with you.

We do hope to hear from you and we will be posting future letters and notes from customers in this section as we build our site.

We always appreciate your comments. It helps us grow and improve as a company and as humans sharing the same planet.

Here are some letters we have received:

From A. D. Fort Worth, TX.:

"We just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how happy we are with the deal you put together for us. The Camera worked like a charm, even on the damp freezing days that we used it......"

From A. J. D., Boston, MA:

"........I came to your company searching for a camera system. Bill Reiter walked me by telephone through the available equipment in my price range. His professionalism and knowledge enabled me to feel confident in choosing a package suited to my needs. Your purchase agreement included a flexible test period during which I made a "hands on" evaluation for my own peace of mind. This kind of trust is important!"

"Today, my camera system is available for a multitude of projects, and its dependability is something I rely upon. More than ever filmmakers need to cultivate this kind of relationship with the vendors who serve them. Happy trading."

From B. Goderre, Phoenix Images, Ltd.:

"I have been extremely pleased by your quality of goods and services in the past eight years. Everything you have sold me has been of top quality and in excellent condition. I have recommended you to all my friends in the business here in Washington, DC I hope we can continue to do business for the foreseeable future. Your client and friend...."

From W. Crane, Ladder Films:

"I just want to thank you guys for bending over backwards to ensure my satisfaction. Your prices may not always look like bargains, but your policy of standing behind every piece of equipment sold is invaluable. I'm probably more of a nit-picker than most folks, and I am completely satisfied and greatly appreciative."

From C. R. Isely, The Pilot Companies:

"Although I've been in the film and video production business 50 years ... I've never had occasion to sell any of our equipment."

"Your handling of the recent sale of my 16mm Arriflex has been first rate! Your procedures are very business-like, and your people know how to communicate (getting to be a lost art)."

"We were saddened to hear that our friend, C. Robert Isely passed away and would like to thank his son, Chris Isely for allowing us to print this wonderful letter in his memory."

From B. Phillips, Phillips Productions, Inc.:

"I'm dropping this line just to let you know how much we appreciate our professional relationship with Pro Video and Film. Finding quality grip and lighting equipment to meet the requirements of our growing corporate production has been made much easier with your facility. And when it comes to meeting our film production requirements you've been unbeatable."

"With the recent purchase of our Arri 35BL, along with a complete camera support package, you have enabled us to meet the ever increasing demands of our clients with the most competitive pricing available. You even went the "extra mile" by allowing us to have the system thoroughly inspected and even helped us to conduct our own camera tests."

"In conclusion, we are looking forward to working with you at Pro Video and Film in the coming years."

From J. D. Williams, Amalgam Studios:

"...I felt so stupid when I went to use those cables and discovered they were male/female. As a customer your company gives me ample time to examine and use a product before making the sale final. And by those terms these cables are mine and not your problem."

"Instead, you're willing to swap out cables and work out a solution to my problem. It's nice to know that even though Amalgam Studios is pretty small potatoes as this business goes, we still get treated like a major operation."

"I'm sure you know what it's like to be operating on a thin budget. And so I feel pretty sure that you know how sincerely I appreciate your help. Like I said at the beginning of this letter.....you guys are great!"

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